360 Video and Film Production

Become completely immersed in video that enables you to look around in 360 degrees as if you were really there.  Connect with multiple devices and Virtual Reality to enhance the experience. We can provide everything from 360 music videos, full 360 productions of events and weddings and also documentary films.   Contact Us….


Guernseys First

We were the first company on Guernsey to realise the potential of 360 video and VR. Investing in the original technology we uploaded our first 360 film in Guernsey 2 years ago and have since been producing unique productions that are miles ahead of the the competition in quality and creativity.

Experience & Quality

With 2 years of experience on the competition we provide 360 film productions that make full use of the fully immersive 360 range of view.  360 Video and Film production is unique in that it requires a new way of planning and shooting a production, with mindfulness about what is in shot within the full video sphere we can provide final films that are more creative and engaging.