Dorfmeister Studios: Everything from Music Videos to Documentaries

Dorfmeister Studios isn’t just a one-trick pony when it comes to 360 productions. In addition to completing interactive tours for various local business, we have also produced numerous other exciting 360 projects, which show our versatility.


Music Video: Buffalo Huddleston

Popular local Guernsey band, Buffalo Huddleston were looking for a unique music video for one of their most well-known tracks ‘Sky High’. Having seen them live numerous times, we were already well acquainted with the song, which is all about summer life in the islands.

This was a great project which we completed over a summer, shooting various scenes around the islands, from kids jumping the waves at Vazon to the cows in Herm and cycling down Fort Houmet to the band performing at the Terrace.

Here is the finished 360 degree and Virtual Reality video:…

Tourism Video: Guernsey by the Sea

Living on such a beautiful island, we are surrounded by so many lovely landscapes and seascapes that deserve to be shown off to the world. With the tourism industry constantly evolving it is important that Guernsey keep up, now that so many destinations around the world are now having 360 videos and tours made to entice even more visitors.

This is a video we did exploring the south coast of Guernsey, taking a rib round Icart.…

Documentary: The Calais Jungle

Back in 2015, we went over to Calais to create a documentary based on the rising migrant situation. We wanted to highlight the growing population over there and how it grew into a mini city, with shops, schools, pubs, restaurants and places of worship to name a few. Despite the conditions, people were still in good spirits which you can see in the video a group of men singing and dancing. On one of the last days we were over there, a riot broke out with police throwing tear gas to break it up.

Filming documentaries like this in 360 means that nothing is missed and you can fully immerse yourself in the situation and get a real feel for life in the jungle.…

Music Festival and Gig Videos: JT Cobo Balcony Gig 2016

As well as music videos our 360 videos are perfect for capturing the action and atmosphere at gigs, concerts and festivals. Last year we filmed Buffalo Huddleston performing at the JT Cobo balcony gig. This video showcases Guernsey summer, and the balcony gigs are their best, they are always popular regardless of the weather, but with the sun shining we definitely lucked out with a great crowd. These productions are great for promoting future events and is something we are always keen to do more of.…

If you have any upcoming events or stories of interest that you would like to capture in 360, drop us a line