Google Tours vs Regular Panoramic Tours

Dorfmeister Studios offers both 360 interactive google tours and 360 panorama tour services and appreciate that understanding the difference between the two can be fairly confusing.

It can be difficult to choose which one that would best suit the needs of your business, event or property.
So to save you some time, here is a quick simple overview of each to help aid your decision. Of course we are always happy to help and chat through all the options available here at DMS, just drop us a line at

First up 360 Interactive Google Tours:

A series of 360 photographs, which capture every point around you from every single viewing direction. These are seamlessly stitched together and allow the viewer to navigate a space by looking around freely in 360 degrees and by way of googles white arrow navigation system. These show up as arrows within the scene which once clicked on transport you to the next spot.
By passing the control back to the viewer, you allow them to make their way round your business ahead of visiting. With two thirds of potential customers looking for a 360 interactive tour when it comes to deciding which hotel, restaurant, property to book or buy – this highlights the importance of having a tour on your website.

Secondly Panorama Tours:

Unlike Google 360 tours, the 360 photos uploaded to a regular panoramic tour stay locally inside the tour and are not sent out through the google network to be viewed or searched individually. These type of tours are usually best when the level of customisation required for the tour is quite high or the added benefits of google aren’t required. An example of a non-google tour can be seen here:

The biggest difference between the two is that the 360 Google tours are connected to your business’ Google map listing, which means not only does it help boost your website’s SEO it is also more accessible and has a much wider customer reach. With the level of additional media we can embed in these tours these days this is our prefered option for not only giving the customer an easy to use final product, packed with photo, text and video media but also naturally uses the google network to help boost your online presence.
DMS are able to provide all types of tours from the regular panorama tour as seen here to fully interactive, branded and customised 360 Google tours (including shareable links for your social media pages, embedding it in and optimising your website) as seen here

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