Strong visual media has a significant role in today`s marketing process. With many years of experience behind us, today we are talking about visual communication.


At Dorfmeister studios we can provide a wide range of visualisation services that cover various industries.



  •  Interactive Tours using the latest in VR and Interactive tech

Virtual Reality, although fairly new to the scene, is already changing the face of how you can design and sell properties.  Now instead of just viewing an interior still shot or animation you can transport yourself directly into that space, feeling as if you are really inside the building.  We can provide a range of services enabling you to get your projects into this format and impress your prospective clients.  By offering the first ‘VR Estate Agency Service’ any projects completed in VR also come with the free use of our studio for any open days or property marketing events. Invite along anyone interested and let them try the magic of VR

  • Photo Realistic Still Renderings and Animation Productions

With the latest software and over 12 years experience in texturing and lighting architectural designs, Dorfmeister Studios can provide an extremely high level of photo realistic still images and animations for any development.

  • Photomontage / Verified View Renderings

Using various camera matching techniques to match a proposed CGI building or extension into an existing photo makes this type of product extremely useful for the planning stage of a development.  See what your project with look like in it’s surroundings before the first brick is laid.  A great way to aid the design process and notice any potentially incongruous design elements before they are committed to stone.