What Sets Dorfmeister Studios and our Google Tours Apart From the Rest?
For starters, Dorfmeister Studios is home to Guernsey’s first and only Google Trusted Photographer; meaning that all of our high quality, high resolution photos and videos are taken using Google approved equipment.
We know that capturing the world around you in 360° form has become a whole lot more accessible as smartphones continue to evolve. It seems as though everyone is taking 360° snaps and uploading them to their social media accounts so that they have the edge over their friends or competing businesses. Although it is great that more people are able to do it, when it comes to getting a tour of your business it really does pay to have a professional do it for you.
We offer a wide array of tour and photography services, meaning we are able to cater and tailor our tours to each individual business’ needs and wants.
Just like a parent shouldn’t have a favourite child, we know we probably shouldn’t have a favourite service, but we can’t help ourselves we love our unique 360° interactive Google Tours.
Why? Because they are far more accessible and can reach a much wider audience, with little effort on your part. Which means you get far more website traffic by simply having us build your tour – we do all the hard work so you don’t have to.
We will come down to your hotel, restaurant, brewery, property or location and take a minimum of five 360° photos or videos from locations that cover the whole are. These are seamlessly stitched together and allow the viewer to navigate a space by looking around freely in 360 degrees and by way of Google’s white arrow navigation system. These show up as arrows within the scene which once clicked on transport you to the next spot.  We can also embed a high level of additional media meaning that the customer receives a beautiful final product packed full with interactive text, photos and video media.
We will embed the tour into your website for you as well as provide shareable links so that you can share it across your social media accounts and ensure that the tours are linked to your business’ Google map listing which will help boost your SEO.
Take a look around our most recent Google tour, check out www.fermainvalley.com/360-tour which we completed over the summer.
If you want to book in a tour of your own, or just have a chat send us a message dorfmeisterstudios@gmail.com